Crypto News

Major Car Manufacturing Giants Are Co-Working on a Blockchain Project

As the world has set foot into the year 2021, things are turning out to be more promising for the crypto-blockchain industry. I...
January 20, 2021

Tokyo Tech and Mitsubishi Partner to Introduce a Blockchain

According to the recent reports, Mitsubishi Electric has announced that it has recently partnered with Tokyo Tech. Tokyo Tech i...
January 19, 2021

Korea Internet and Security Agency Grants Certification to Huobi Korea

Huobi has recently made an announcement that is very thrilling for the Huobi users and promising for the entire cryptocurrency ...
January 18, 2021

Regulatory Sandbox of Crypto Custody Firm Graduated by the MAS

According to the recent reports, Propine has graduated from the fintech regulatory sandbox program run by the Monetary Authorit...
January 17, 2021

The UK Govt. Must Takedown Crypto-Transactions, Says Financial Advisor

When it comes to the adoption of cryptocurrencies, the USA is one of the countries that are too skeptical about it. The main re...
January 16, 2021

RIF Token Prices Surged by 30% since January 13, 2021

Now that the cryptocurrency industry has become the center of attention for mainstream adoption, every cryptocurrency seems to ...
January 15, 2021

Nexon Has Denied Rumors Revolving Around its Acquisition of Bithumb

One of the headliners in the past days for South Korea were the reports around Nexon acquiring Bithumb. It had been reported th...
January 14, 2021

Another Cryptocurrency Exchange Suffered a Hack Back in December

While the year 2020 had been harsh and complex for the entire world and its economy, it has worked like a charm for the cryptoc...
January 13, 2021

How Did Bitcoin (BTC) Manage to Grow This Big?

There was a time when all people could talk about was how unstable and unreliable Bitcoin (BTC). Now the people are saying the ...
January 11, 2021

Iconloop Acquires KR’s Support to Conduct Blockchain Driver’s License Plate Testing

Iconloop, an enterprise blockchain firm has recently made an announcement for South Korean citizens. It has confirmed that it h...
January 10, 2021