A Billionaire from Norway Has Invested in Local Cryptocurrency Exchange

Since the launch of the cryptocurrency industry, the financial and mainstream institutions continued opposing the very existenc...
March 29, 2021

Hong Kong’s Crypto-Ban on Retailers Can Backfire, Say Cryptocurrency Exchanges

It has been many months since the cryptocurrency exchanges in Hong Kong have been unanimously voicing their concern. The concer...
February 15, 2021

An Employee from a Polish Crypto-Exchange Victimized by Armed Attackers

Over the course of time, the cryptocurrency industry has grown vast and is widely adopted by the internet as well as the real-t...
February 4, 2021

Illegal Bitcoin Exchange Operator to Serve 25 Years in Jail

Ever since the launch of Bitcoin (BTC), the currency has been gaining gradual growth with respect to its prices. As the prices ...
February 2, 2021

Another Cryptocurrency Exchange Suffered a Hack Back in December

While the year 2020 had been harsh and complex for the entire world and its economy, it has worked like a charm for the cryptoc...
January 13, 2021

DBS to Launch its Cryptocurrency Exchange

As per the recent news, the largest banking giant from Singapore ‘DBS’ has confirmed that it will be launching its first projec...
December 28, 2020

Crypto Exchange Huobi Reportedly Considering Bithumb Acquisition

Huobi, the cryptocurrency exchange, is trying to give its operations in Korea a boost by reportedly considering a Bithumb acqui...
November 18, 2020

The Netherlands allows the first Cryptocurrecy Exchange to Operate inside the Country

At last, the residents of the Netherlands can now breathe with relief as the Government of the Netherlands has made a very exub...
November 8, 2020

Fidelity Goes Bullish; Says Bitcoin Could Become a Trillion-Dollar Market

With risk and uncertainty skyrocketing amidst a global pandemic, investment firms require exposure to new assets to invest in, ...
October 14, 2020

SBI Just Became a Giant after Acquiring TaoTao Crypto-Exchange

SBI Holdings, which is considered by the largest financial conglomerate of the on-line platform in Japan just made an official ...
October 7, 2020