Price Analysis on Most Promising Cryptocurrencies

Since the beginning of 2021, the overall cryptocurrency industry has been gaining a lot of growth in terms of market capitaliza...
April 10, 2021

Price of ENJIN (ENJ) Coins Soared 70% after Listing on Coinbase Pro

As per the latest reports, ENJIN (ENJ) has reportedly been listed by Coinbase Pro on its platform. ENJ is a native token for th...
April 9, 2021

The Former CEO of BitMEX Surrendered himself to Authorities in Hawaii

The authorities from the United States have recently announced that they had successfully arrested the former CEO of BitMEX. Th...
April 8, 2021

Chiliz Now Receiving Investment from Jump Trading

As per the latest reports, Chiliz has managed to strike an investment deal with Jump Trading LCC. Chiliz is prominently known a...
April 7, 2021

Singapore PM Falls Prey to Scammers and Authorities Issue Crypto-Warning

As per the latest reports, Singapore officials have just issued a warning around cryptocurrencies. The warning has reportedly b...
April 6, 2021

FATF Rules to Be Implemented by Japanese Regulator on Cryptocurrency Companies in 2022

As per the latest reports, the Financial Services Agency (FCA) of Japan has made a new announcement. The Financial Services Age...
April 5, 2021

Paris Hilton’s life was saved by Bitcoin and Satoshi Nakamoto

As per the latest reports, a broadcaster from the United States has made a new statement about Paris Hilton and Bitcoin. Max Ke...
April 4, 2021

$2.2 Million Raised by Alium Finance during Private Round

As per reports from the previous week, the Alium Finance platform has made a huge announcement for its followers. The platform ...
April 3, 2021

SEPA Instant Payments Introduced by Bankera for Crypto-Businesses

As per the latest reports, Bankera has announced that it has introduced the SEPA Instant Payments through its platform. Bankera...
April 2, 2021

Nigeria’s Cryptocurrency Ban is Gaining Worldwide Attention

It was in February when the entire cryptocurrency community in entire Nigeria was shocked by the decision made by the country’s...
April 1, 2021