Fireblock’s Board of Directors Gets a New Member from Coinbase

Just recently, Fireblock made an announcement that has turned out to be a very promising one for the followers of Fireblock. Fi...
November 19, 2020

Crypto Exchange Huobi Reportedly Considering Bithumb Acquisition

Huobi, the cryptocurrency exchange, is trying to give its operations in Korea a boost by reportedly considering a Bithumb acqui...
November 18, 2020

Andreas Antonopoulos Is Likely To Play Witness In A Billion Dollar Claim

On November 16, famous Bitcoin fanatic Andreas Antonopoulos informed on Twitter of his likely appearance as witness in a lawsui...
November 17, 2020

Whalemap Shows Bitcoin Rally Boosted due to ‘Institutional FOMO’

According to the data provided by Whalemap analysts, it is apparent that institutional investors are accumulating Bitcoin, and ...
November 16, 2020

Two Major Technologically Advanced Entities Join Hands to Expedite the Development of the Cosmos Ecosystem

On the 30th of October, 2020 a very surprising announcement was made by IRISnet and KuChain. Both the companies announced that ...
November 15, 2020

California Law Firm Claims IRS is Targeting Defaulting Coinbase Users

For quite a while, Coinbase has had the reputation of cozying up to the numerous regulatory agencies and the government. While ...
November 14, 2020

Russia’s Digital Ruble Gains Interest of Five Russian Banks for Piloting

With the constant growth in digital assets and digital currencies, more financial bodies are now getting interested. Recently, ...
November 13, 2020

KuCoin Manages to Recover Most of the Funds in $280M Hack

Johnny Lyu, the chief executive at KuCoin, has announced that they have managed to recover a significant amount of cryptocurren...
November 12, 2020

Crypto Capital’s Owner Gets his Attorney to Opt Out of Representing Him

Crypto Capital is now referred to as a notorious shadow bank within the crypto market. Its alleged operator is Reggie Fowler an...
November 11, 2020

Microstrategy CEO Believes Bitcoin is ‘Million’ Times Superior to Gold

A publicly listed company, Microstrategy’s chief executive officer, Michael Saylor made a statement in which he disclosed that ...
November 10, 2020
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