Crypto Scams Do Exist these Days but things Have Been improving

If you have been in the crypto bubble for a while, you would know that a lot of people had their hesitations when it came to th...
October 31, 2021

Teen in U.K Arrested for Running Fraudulent Crypto Website

There has been a great deal of commotion in the U.K crypto scene recently as the police in Britain recently confiscated million...
October 30, 2021

Two Alleged Crypto Scammers Arrested By Law Enforcing Agencies of Argentina

One of the most debated topics within Argentina these days is crypto, particularly Bitcoin. However, there are also fears of cr...
May 22, 2021

Singapore PM Falls Prey to Scammers and Authorities Issue Crypto-Warning

As per the latest reports, Singapore officials have just issued a warning around cryptocurrencies. The warning has reportedly b...
April 6, 2021

As Digital Yuan Rollout Nears, Number of Scammers around the Token Grows

It was recently announced by the Central Bank of China that digital-yuan was almost ready to be launched. Following the recent ...
February 25, 2021

Many Facts Suggest That Satoshi Nakamoto Could be Chainlink’s CEO

In the past couple of years, the entire cryptocurrency industry has experienced an enormous amount of change. The majority of t...
February 11, 2021

Trump’s Campaign Website Defaced by Crypto Scammers

Crypto scammers and hackers are still in play and with the U.S. presidential elections drawing closer, it appears that their ne...
October 29, 2020

Option Trading Scam – The Different Ways it Can Happen

Binary options are financial products that gained a lot of popularity because they offer easy profits to investors. However, th...
September 29, 2020
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